The Labour Party Incorporates Key UKSIF Recommendations In Business Relations Review

Liza Hartley
Liza Hartley 30th January 2024

The Labour Party has today published its report into Business Relations, featuring several key recommendations made by UKSIF, the UK’s leading member organisation for sustainable investment and finance.

The report, authored by Iain Anderson, Founder and Executive Chairman of H/Advisors Cicero, echoes UKSIF’s calls for reforms to current pathways to inward investment, as well as more open communication routes between government and potential investors.

“We were pleased to contribute to this report, comments UKSIF Head of Public Affairs and Communications, Joe Dharampal-Hornby. “Strong partnership between government, investors and businesses is critical to delivering sustainable economic growth as the UK transitions to net zero.”

Among the recommendations included in the final review, the following were directly recommended by UKSIF:


  1. Structures for engaging with business must avoid becoming talking shops; they should have a clear purpose and be task oriented.
  2. A more diverse range of business voices from across the country should be able to engage with government. Diverse membership of engagement bodies is necessary to get a representative view of UK business’ challenges and opportunities. This includes improving engagement with SMEs.
  3. There should be fewer government reshuffles, including at the lower ministerial level, where the political impact is less clear but the detrimental impact on business relationships and policy expertise remains.
  4. The process for attracting inward investment requires reform.
  5. There should be a transparent, well defined pathway for potential investors and companies to engage with government.