The leading membership organisation for sustainable and responsible finance in the UK.

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UKSIF exists to bring together the UK’s sustainable finance and investment community and support our members to expand, enhance and promote this key sector. Our work drives growth and new opportunities for our members as global leaders in the sustainable finance industry.

UKSIF represents a diverse range of financial services firms committed to these aims, and our 300+ members, managing over £19trn in assets under management (AUM), include investment managers, pension funds, banks, financial advisers, research providers, NGOs, among others.

UKSIF and our members have been hugely active in, and supportive of, efforts to promote the sustainable finance agenda and worked closely with policymakers and others to find new ways to overcome the barriers to the growth of sustainability and deliver progress towards decarbonisation of the economy.

Join us at this crucial time to take your place at the heart of sustainable finance, push forward the UK’s leadership in this area and position your organisation as a key player in this rapidly growing landscape.

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Our Mission

• Empowering the financial services industry to move further and faster to ensure a sustainable and responsible financial system, capitalising a sustainable economy

• Support the UK and members in the transition to a sustainable future, as exemplified by Net Zero and UN Sustainable Development Goals

• Advancing the UK and our members in their leadership on sustainable and responsible finance and the integration of sustainability into all strategies and decision-making

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Our Vision

A fair, inclusive and sustainable financial system that works for the benefit of people and planet and drives positive change.

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Our Values

  • Leadership

    Dedicated to UK leadership across a broad range of sustainable and responsible finance themes and issues

  • Boldness

    We are bold and impact-driven in our activity

  • Collaboration

    Inclusive, collaborative and champions of our members’ and the sector’s success

  • Innovation

    Forward-looking and committed to learning and sharing the latest thinking

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What we do

See our latest work to inform, influence and connect.

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We are a member of the GSIA (Global Sustainable Investment Alliance) to deepen the impact and visibility of global sustainable investment.

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We are a member of Eurosif to promote sustainability across European markets.

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