December Webinar 2022: Micro pollution and microplastics

Ellie Freeden
Ellie Freeden 6th December 2022

According to United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), microplastics have widely been found to be present throughout the world’s marine environment. Increased research about their potential secondary health impacts for animals and humans as well as toxic effects on biological organisms including mammals has raised awareness about the need for collective action to reduce microplastics emissions.

Our expert speakers shed a light on how investors and asset owners can get involved in managing microplastics and what can be done to reduce the presence of these health hazards in our oceans and lakes.


Moderator: James Alexander, Chief Executive, UKSIF

Velina Karadzhova, Head of First Sentier MUFG Sustainable Investment Institute

Valborg Lie, Head of Stewardship, LGPS Central Limited

Will Oulton, Responsible Investment, First Sentier Investors

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