UKSIF Comment on Green Investment Bank Commission Report

UKSIF29th June 2010

Commenting on today’s report from the Green Investment Bank Commission, Penny Shepherd MBE, chief executive of UKSIF, said:

“A Green Investment Bank should do much to leverage private sector investment from international and UK pension funds and from private individuals.

The public’s participation in and support of a Green Investment Bank is in many ways as important as any funding they might bring. If, as proposed, increasing the ISA allowance by £5,000 (above the current £10,200 limit) costs the Treasury £70m, then this looks like an effective and low cost way to engage with the public, boost the bank’s visibility, and help fund the new low carbon infrastructure we need for future economic success.

Our research shows that nearly half of people in the UK want the opportunity to make money and make a positive difference to the world around them when investing their money. This suggests that Green ISAs should be a popular choice.

We hope that the Government will now act quickly and decisively to implement the report’s proposals.”

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