UKSIF Comment on further delays to the SDR

James Alexander
James Alexander 18th July 2023

Commenting on the FCA announcement that the finalisation of the SDR regime will be delayed for a second time, James Alexander, Chief Executive of UKSIF said:


“It is deeply disappointing to see yet another delay to the publication of the finalised SDR and fund labelling regulations. We see these as crucial in the development of the UK’s sustainable finance leadership and building trust for consumers, and essential to give certainly to the industry on future regulatory requirements. 


“This delay is symptomatic of the slow pace of implementation of other policies announced in the Green Finance Strategy in March this year, including corporate disclosure requirements and the Green Taxonomy, which must all be progressed as a matter of urgency. If the government is serious about making the City, and the UK as a whole, a global leader in green finance, it needs to deliver, not delay.”

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