UKSIF Comment on European Commission’s review of the SFDR

James Alexander
James Alexander 15th September 2023

Commenting on the European Commission’s consultation on the review of SFDR, James Alexander, Chief Executive of UKSIF, said:

“The European Commission has taken an important and necessary step in publishing its consultation to review the considerable implementation challenges of the SFDR framework.

“Improvements to the SFDR should draw on the UK’s SDR regime and other jurisdictions’ fund labelling approaches. It is very encouraging to see some of the Commission’s new proposals closely mirror the forthcoming UK SDR regime, which we are confident will enhance transparency for savers and their trust in sustainable investment products.

“We continue to see a key role for the UK in establishing a world-leading regime that builds on other jurisdictions’ frameworks, and the potential, even more now, for the UK to help positively shape other countries’ approaches and encourage international alignment of disclosures and fund labelling in the coming years.”

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