UKSIF Calls on All Parties to Deliver Policy Certainty for Sustainable Transition Ahead of General Election

Liza Hartley
Liza Hartley 6th June 2024
As the UK enters the final one-month countdown to the 2024 general election, UKSIF CEO James Alexander released a statement addressed to all political parties setting out UKSIF’s hopes for the election:
“As the UK’s parliamentary parties are finalising their election pledges, our sincere hope is that each and every party makes realising the opportunities of a green and sustainable economy a priority for their campaign. There are simple, low-cost policy interventions which the next government, whoever they may be, can make that will unlock billions in private investment for the UK’s sustainable transition.
Parties must remain mindful that we are in a global race for sustainable investment. The UK can and should be a first-choice destination for firms looking to allocate capital for renewable energy projects, gigafactories, decarbonised housing, and other innovative investment opportunities. But policy uncertainty and flip-flopping risks driving investors away.
Unlocking the huge growth potential of innovative products and projects which will form the backbone of our future economy should be a bipartisan goal. For our part, UKSIF remains committed to working with any and all political parties to help further the UK’s expertise and leadership in sustainable finance.”