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Jack Byerley
Deputy Portfolio Manager
DescriptionWH Ireland offers Wealth Management, Investment Management, and Capital Markets services. By placing our clients’ needs at the centre of everything we do, we are well placed to provide timely, bespoke and helpful advice. Our Wealth Management services are focused on providing clear, simple, jargon-free advice and a bespoke investment management service. We also offer a MPS, investment management & support for charities, and a specialist IHT service. We have a team of expert financial planners whose aim is to help our clients through today’s complex financial world in areas such as retirement or pension planning, to ensure their financial needs are being met. They take the time to thoroughly understand our clients’ financial ambitions and goals, attitude towards risk and any concerns they may have and from this provide unbiased and objective advice and recommend a financial plan that can evolve with them.ApproachOur Sustainable Investment philosophy is derived from our research driven, valuation focussed and risk aware approach. We use this process to select funds across the Sustainable Investment spectrum, covering several themes, regions and asset classes in order to achieve good in different and diverse ways One thing that we are conscious of is that not every client will have the same ethical views or beliefs and not every stock held in a model portfolio will meet the requirements of every client. We have therefore positioned the portfolios in such a way that they utilise the full Sustainable Investment Spectrum, from negatively screened funds to positive impact investments.