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2nd Floor, 21 - 22 Poland Street

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John Oliver
Business Development
0203 951 0590
DescriptionWe are a venture capital firm that firmly believe early-stage businesses are the UK’s most important engine of innovation, change and value creation. We make it our mission to back, build and embolden start-ups that can have an impact in their markets and on society, supporting them on their sustainability journey at the same time.ApproachSimply put, we make our capital contingent on change. Through our Better Ventures EIS, we build portfolios of high-growth potential companies that can also demonstrate an ongoing commitment to becoming more sustainable as a business. Through our Sustainable Growth EIS, we build portfolios of high-growth potential companies that are solving sustainability challenges through the products or service they offer, with a focus on their sustainability outcomes. All portfolio companies across both EIS funds have to sign up to FuturePlus, our ESG reporting tool, which based on answers provided will show both a current and ambition score for the business. The tool allows us to measure their progress to achieving that ambition score, and we make future capital dependent on those objectives being met, as well as their commercial ones.