Thrive Renewables

Deanery Road
Description Thrive Renewables PLC is a renewable energy investment company, established 25 years ago with a vision of a clean, smart energy system powered by the investment of many. Our mission is to facilitate the UK’s transition to greener energy sources by widening ownership, connecting people and communities with renewable energy projects. So far, we have built or funded 25 wind, hydro, solar, geothermal and renewable heat projects, the majority of which we own and operate. Over the last 25 years, our sites have generated enough clean electricity to meet the annual demand of 1 million average UK citizens, saving 663,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Approach
Thrive Renewables has dual objectives, to both increase clean energy capacity on the grid and make direct impact investment accessible to wide group of investors. We bring together a community of over 6100 investors, with stakes from £5 to £5 million. Our shareholders are a combination of retail investors, impact investment vehicles like funds and ethical portfolios, investing directly in renewable energy projects. Thrive invests in commercially viable, sustainable energy projects that minimise financial risk by adopting proven technologies and pragmatic transaction structures. We consider investments in a range of clean energy technologies as well as energy efficiency and heat. Additionally, we provide financing to community energy co-operatives and groups so local people can build or take ownership of renewable projects in their neighbourhood. Our first-hand experience of financing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects enables us to fully tailor our investment and criteria. We either buy 100% of the project assets or fill funding gaps alongside developers and communities. Our investments range from £0.5m up to £20m and we structure our investment as pure acquisition, joint ventures or mezzanine loans.