The Sustainability Group

002, The Metal Box Factory
30 Great Guildford Street
Description The Sustainability Group is on a mission to democratise sustainability. Alongside traditional consultancy services, we have developed FuturePlus a revolutionary online ESG measurement and self-management tool that helps empowers sustainability in every business on earth. FuturePlus makes sustainability accessible, achievable, and affordable for everyone. It helps companies understand, measure, and implement sustainable practices in their organisation so that they can in turn attract new customers, win more business, gain investment, and make a positive impact on society and the planet. Approach
The Sustainability Group believes that meaningful change is required across all industries and will only occur when two conditions are met: when customers demand it and when capital is conditional upon it. We work predominantly through Venture Capital and Private Equity firms as well as family offices. Our approach to supporting sustainable investing is threefold. - We help investment firms to define the sustainability objectives and the principles that underpin their investment decision making and define impact focussed investment thesis. - Through FuturePlus and its associated investor platform, we help investment firms continuously track and monitor the progress of their investments. - We also support investee firms on their sustainability journey through the provision of ongoing advice and support, enabling them to reach their objectives. Through this approach we help investors incentivise all firms, particularly SMEs, build sustainability objectives into their development strategy as they scale, and report their progress in a consistent and comparable way.