The Scottish National Investment Bank

1-North Waverley Gate
Waterloo Place

Contact Person

Mike Wedderspoon
Head of CSR and Internal Communications
DescriptionThe Scottish National Investment Bank is a development investment bank, delivering patient, mission impact investment to the Scottish economy. The Bank provides patient (long term) capital, both in equity and debt, to businesses and projects throughout Scotland to support the development of a fairer, more sustainable economy. The Bank not only invests its public capital, but also actively encourages additional private capital to invest alongside it, supporting the delivery of its three missions – to help Scotland achieve a just transition to Net Zero, to promote equality of opportunity and to harness innovation for a healthier, more resilient and productive population.ApproachThe vision of the Bank is to provide long-term investment to support the Scottish Government’s ambition to create a wellbeing economy that thrives across economic, social and environmental dimensions, providing economic prosperity for all Scotland’s people and places. It will do this by investing in businesses and projects that drive innovation, accelerate the move to net zero emissions, and reduce place-based inequality; investing to support a greener, more globally competitive and inclusive economy. The Bank will work with other private and public sector partners and will seek to attract private sector funds to co-invest alongside its public capital. Acting as a catalyst for change and promoting the benefits of impact investing, the Bank will help to maximise and scale mission impacts and accelerate impact-focused investment activity in the Scottish economy. The Bank will seek to invest in projects or businesses requiring £1 million or more of investment to support their growth or development.