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Simon Cunliffe
Tenant Advisor for City of London Offices
DescriptionTenant Advisory Real Estate is an Independent City of London Office Real Estate Advisory business exclusively for Tenants with 25 years experience within the financial service sector. The primary focus is to transparently identify and capture ‘tenant value’ of transaction and building performance (incl ESG) for our clients, by strategically and accurately positioning clients on executing lease restructures, acquisitions, and disposals of office accommodation.ApproachTenants are the primary influencer of office building performance from a sustainability perspective and our approach in advising on office lease transactions is to assist with clearly identify prior to lease commitment how buildings meet ESG criteria. This is focused towards two aspects of net zero carbon and well being. With real estate accounting for more than 40% of global carbon emissions tenants need to be transparently informed of how they can influence and secure performance for their lease life commitment. This is achieved through design input, green leases and an assessment of how buildings meet BREEAM, LEED and Well certification in the context of client needs.