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Kevin Haines
DescriptionSustainable Capital connects the dots between those wanting to make socially responsible investments and ambitious ESG-compliant companies that need capital. Sustainable Capital is recognised on the NASDAQ Sustainable Bond Network. The expert team combines financial services experience with academic insight into society's most pressing needs. Sustainable Capital PLC is a UK based issuer that offers a flexible, quick to market solution for green and sustainable bonds. Providing a comprehensive service, the Sustainable Capital platform includes structuring support, ongoing administration, listing and clearing on international systems.ApproachCurrently, there is a gap in the market between what the U.N Sustainable Development Goals ('SDGs') hope to achieve and the financing behind them. For example, SDG 7, which focuses on ensuring accessible, reliable and sustainable energy for everyone by 2030, requires current investment to rise from $1.7 trillion to $4.25 trillion per year. To bridge this gap, Sustainable Capital identifies and provides capital to companies that create solutions to the SDGs, where their target indicators are addressed and translated into measurable impacts with real meaning.