Sustainability Habit Limited

29, Throgmorton Street
DescriptionI want to set up a new green bank with the following aims. Sustainability Habit Limited promotes green banking and investment within the framework of the UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). Its aims are to invest in earth friendly solutions that will contribute towards the stability of our eco systems, We are currently seeking FCA and PRA authorization and applying for a banking licence from the Bank of England. We support solutions that target the restoration of lifecycles because every lifecycle from the least to the greatest has a role to play. Each has an ecological niche that performs regenerative, restorative, self-cleansing / healing activities that benefit the greater whole because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.ApproachAs we move towards a waste-free circular economy, short term investment is needed to finance this transition and longer term investment is needed to support the creation of new or adapted products and services. A circular economy has 3 additional components that to date have not been funded commercially. These are (1) Seed Bed Management -> Production -> (2) Waste Management -> (3) Innovation, which links back to (1). My experience with land use stems from tending many different types of gardens in various stages of disrepair, over the that years I moved homes. In addition, I looked after an allotment for three years and was able to observe a myriad of different approaches to growing things, by people from novices to experts, catering for a wide variety of tastes. You could say that allotments are the human laboratory where scientific observation by the citizen scientist could yield fruitful results to address adaptation and mitigation of climate change.