Lombard Private Clients

30 Lombard Street
Greater London

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Columba McMenamin
Chartered Financial Planner
020 8042 0527
DescriptionColumba offers a high value financial advice proposition to Private Clients, supported by a collection of highly experienced and talented financial professionals with the tools, advice and experience to put you in control of your financial independence.ApproachDo we fit? Firstly, we’ll meet and find out if we are right for each other. We’ll discuss your ambitions for a working relationship. If we match yours and vice versa, only then will we ask you to provide detailed information about your finances. Financial road map Then we’ll meet again. We’ll talk about your values, your aspirations, and your goals – and, of course, those of your partner. We will create your Financial Road Map, which sits at the heart of your experience and forms the foundation for your entire relationship with us. Implementation plan We will create a highly personalised, written financial strategy. This strategy will incorporate a plan for each individual goal, as well as bringing it all together to show you your Financial LifePlan™ – a lifetime cashflow statement that shows all of your goals, incomes and outgoings on one single visual.