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Richard Romer-Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Description At Square Mile, we are committed to helping investors build a better financial future. Our independent, high quality research is at the heart of everything we do. Fuelled by a qualitative process, we seek to fully understand how a fund behaves and whether it represents good value for investors. Through Square Mile’s’ rigorous research process, we aim to identify the very best investments funds to empower advisers to meet their client’s needs. We work in partnership with financial advisers, institutions and asset managers to provide support and investment services tailored to their specific business and client needs. Approach
The investment industry has seen a seismic shift towards Responsible investment (RI) and for a growing number of investors, the power of good that their investments can have is just as important as the potential financial returns. As the universe of funds adopting these approaches continues to expand, there comes the additional challenge of identifying which funds and fund groups live up to their RI claims. Square Mile and subsidiary 3D Investing aim to meet this challenge by providing differing research to help advisers judge how closely a fund and fund group meet clients’ RI needs. In 2019, Square Mile launched ESG assessments, designed to establish the extent to which ESG considerations are integrated into investment processes and are applicable to all rated funds. Furthermore, the Responsible ratings seeks to seek to identify funds that meet both their financial and RI objectives. In addition, 3D investing provides evidence-driven analysis of funds’ individual holdings to offer an independent verification of a fund or fund group’s RI credentials. Funds are profiled according to the 3D Investing framework, based on the philosophy of doing good, avoiding doing harm and leading change, which are in turn linked to the UN SDGs.