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Description At PortfolioMetrix, our purpose is to help advisers achieve financial security and wellbeing for their clients by linking expert financial advice with precision investment management. We do this through a strategic partnership with advice firms, smart use of technology and attempting to maximise long-term, risk-adjusted, after-all-costs returns for clients subject to their unique needs constraints and preferences. As a key component of risk control and seeking stronger long-term returns, PortfolioMetrix believes in and adheres to the principles of stewardship and seeks to integrate ESG considerations into our investment process. In addition, for clients who wish to generate positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns, we offer a dedicated sustainability-focused set of portfolios known under the Sustainable World brand. Approach
Responsible investing is at the centre of all portfolios constructed by PortfolioMetrix, as we firmly believe environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are a crucial part of maximising long-term risk-adjusted returns. Sustainable World portfolios, our sustainability-focused offering, are constructed in the same risk-controlled manner as all portfolios: starting from asset allocation and building up to fund selection, adhering to the same Stewardship and ESG Integration applicable to all PortfolioMetrix portfolios, but take sustainability a step further, by only investing in funds that put sustainability at the heart of the investment process. This would consist of a focus on positive screening, in order to ensure the funds used in Sustainable World are investing in companies that have a strong net positive benefit on society and the environment. Engagement is also crucial, both with the funds invested in, but also in those funds’ approach to their underlying investments, whose products, services and business operations they should be attempting to improve over time. In addition, we also believe negative screening plays a role as this helps ensure the worst of the investable universe is excluded from Sustainably World, so most funds held within portfolios have a variety of exclusions.