Plutus Consulting Group Limited

19 The Oakbournes
Bishopdown Farm

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John Martin
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
DescriptionPlutus Consulting Group is a well-established financial services firm, consulting, advisory and professional services group. We have a 30-year track record in delivering mergers and acquisitions deals, regulation and compliance programmes and sustainable / ESG investment portfolios. Our core mantra and strategy are to deliver effective and tangible results in an ever more complex and challenging world, putting it simply - We listen, we learn, we lead… Our core mission is to support our clients’ growth journey. We are all about enabling and empowering organisations to be successful by providing a flexible, bespoke business offering that boost profitability and add tangible value through innovative insight and expertise.ApproachSustainability approach Providing informative and industry-relevant research, building innovative approaches to sustainability challenges and creating scalable environments that provide ESG outcomes with strategic purpose, good governance, integrity and accountability. Our consulting and advisory services identify and address obstacles to a sustainable financial system that lies within market practices, structures and regulations. Our expertise within strategy, governance, integrity and accountability lie at the heart of our service offerings; changing investor behaviours for a better and more sustainable future. It is an undeniable truth that increasing investor demand and sentiment, shareholder pressure and the way we interact with the environment are becoming mainstream thinking in the development of an organisational ESG strategy. Creating scalable, sustainable and impact-investing solutions that deliver competitive financial returns, while driving positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes, are at the core of what we do.