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Geilan Malet-Bates
DescriptionPlenitude is a London-based digital asset manager that helps people align their savings and pension investments with their values. Our principal focus is the threat that we all face through Climate Change and we are concentrating on helping people lower their personal carbon footprint through their investments in a robust, risk-managed way. We provide white label solutions for banks/ building societies or wealth managers who wish to target those individuals (predominantly – but not only) who are concerned about climate change and want to align their investments with their values. Our B2B2C proposition allows retail investors to invest their savings and pensions, in a low-cost, intuitive way, utilising a coherent risk-management focus.ApproachWe believe that too much of finance is seen as ‘other-worldly’ and remote from the day-to-day lives of citizens. That can act as a hurdle to empowering consumers and this logic applies to both savings and pensions. There is scope however for people who are passionate about aligning their investments with their values and reducing their carbon footprint to do so, by having their savings and pensions invested in low-carbon, sustainable funds. With the growth in sustainable funds that we are now seeing, we are working towards a time when “sustainable finance” is just seen as “finance”, and individuals know how their savings and pensions contribute to climate change. We are committed to helping to educate the wider public on investing and the environment, particularly how Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG ) can be incorporated as part of the investment decision-making process. We have also been involved in consultations at a national and European level, and in Asia. Separately, we have been part of the FCA’s new regulatory sandbox designed to work with innovative firms looking to help green the financial system: the Green FinTech Challenge.