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John Willis
Director of Research
DescriptionPlanet Tracker is a non-profit financial think tank aligning capital markets with planetary boundaries. It was created to investigate the risk of market failure related to environmental limits. This investigation is primarily for the investor community where environmental limits are often not aligned with investor capital. Investor goals which maximise high financial returns are generally not placing fair value on natural capital and nature-based resources. To achieve this, Planet Tracker generates breakthrough analytics to redefine how financial and environmental data interact with the aim of changing the practices of financial decision makers to help avoid both environmental and financial failure.Approach
Planet Tracker creates ground-breaking in-depth financial analytics delivered through research and engagement to raise awareness of ‘values-at-risk’ to the financial community and investors to unlock and redirect the transformative power of capital markets to deliver on sustainable development objectives. Planet Tracker is seeking to build upon the growing recognition by many in the finance community that they do not have the information necessary to assess environmental or social risk within investment portfolios, including planetary tipping points and the objectives of international Sustainable Frameworks / transition dynamics Planet Tracker’s initial focus is on global industry sectors defined by significant investment flows and revenues in the context of the planetary boundaries that are most threatened. This assessment identifies key areas of highest return for Planet Tracker’s work and includes regional and global industry sectors such as food and agriculture, plastics and textiles. We are also examining areas where, though financial flows may be relatively small, the ecological resource risks are large which we term ‘Ecotastrophes’. Planet Tracker has a ‘duty of care’ to address these potential ecological resource fault lines, irrespective of their immediate financial significance.