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Edward Mills
Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner
01908 503741
DescriptionAt Patterson-Mills Financial Planning we have created a holistic approach to both ESG and the ever-growing SRI market. We believe that the United Nations 17 Goasl for Sustainable Development are the key to unlocking the best environamental outcomes for Sociaety. This applies not only to the UK, but also globally. It is already clear that this approach is alreayd resulting in better financial outcomes for our Clients.Approach
Our ESG_SRI approach is designed to meet the majority of financial and ethical needs including: Capital preservation Capital growth Income We monitor portfolios closely with our Partners so changes can be made as circumstances dictate, acting both quickly and efficiently, so investors can delegate the management of their investments to an experienced and reliable management team whom they can trust. Our portfolios, as should be expected, constitute comprehensive investment management: Asset allocation Investment selection Ongoing monitoring Updating investments