The Pallinghurst Group

(C/o Pallinghurst Advisors LLP)
70 Pall Mall

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Anthony Payne
Compliance Officer
020 7518 3399
Description The Pallinghurst Group is committed to sustainability, reducing its environmental impact and investing in the local communities of its investments. The Group invests in projects that supply responsibly and ethically sourced materials that are critical to the rapidly growing energy storage and electric vehicle revolution which is underpinned by the lithium-ion battery and renewable energy storage industries, focusing on Tier-1 jurisdictions (North America, Europe and Australasia). The Group’s ambition is to create low-carbon mines by focusing on projects that utilise sustainable power sources. The Group actively manages all investments, driving the underlying strategy of each portfolio company by taking significant positions on the board of directors. The Group has significant expertise in mining (including mine development, processing and marketing). Approach The Group prioritises investments to enable the transition to renewable energy, whilst utilising sustainable power sources and electrical mining equipment in their operations in order to minimise environmental impact compared to other mining operations. The focus is on the global shift towards greater environmental awareness, decarbonisation and electrification, with the expected large-scale adoption of electric vehicles and battery storage capacities becoming an integral part of electric grids, as well as the proliferation of smaller consumer batteries. Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is fundamental in the Groups investment strategy in identifying, acquiring and developing large, low-cost or efficient projects that will supply responsibly extracted premium quality materials within the lithium-ion battery supply chain whilst equally providing employment and beneficiation to local communities and community projects. The Group's focus is on investments predominantly located in Tier-1 jurisdictions who’s product displaces carbon intensive products from competitors, and with a strong emphasis on stringent ESG practices. The Group is focused on investing in, and developing, the entire value-chain from sourcing the raw materials to managing the beneficiation in order to supply a portfolio of responsibly sourced advanced battery grade materials to the major battery makers and their suppliers globally.