P1 Investment Services Limited

Senate Court
Southernhay Gardens
Description P1 Investment Management is a discretionary fund manager, working closely with IFAs and using technology to overcome limitations and restrictions dominant in existing investment solutions. This allows us to provide efficient and effective solutions including; our flagship ethical and sustainable portfolios, passive and hybrid portfolios, Tier 1 investment visa portfolios, all at market-leading prices. At P1 our key focus is ethical and sustainable investing. We strive to raise awareness around the fundamental importance of ethical investing and increase familiarity with the concept. At the heart of our process lies the selection of ethical funds that meet the highest possible standards while avoiding those that merely seek an ethical label for marketing purposes. We engage with fund houses to shape the ethical debate. Approach P1 use a proprietary selection process, which is subject to audit and continuous improvement by our External Ethical Oversight Committee. This committee includes experts and academics in environmental, social and governance disciplines, to provide insight on all aspects of our process and ensure our thinking remains innovative. Our due diligence process includes an extensive questionnaire covering broad ranch of ethical, sustainability and ESG topics, including such diverse aspects as fossil divestment, Japanese Karoshi, and exclusions and positive screening among many criteria. The questionnaire is broad, currently with over 70 questions and is intended to assess the fund manager’s genuine commitment to ethical and sustainable investing. Our process also includes active engagement with fund managers on our panel to encourage improvement in their investment policies. In addition to our proprietary ESG assessment, funds are measured on traditional investment metrics such as performance, cost, alpha, investment team experience, fund size accounting for liquidity. Our ethical model portfolios seek to integrate the most robust ethical and sustainable investment policies with the strongest performance.