Mustardseed Trust

Plane Tree House
6 Duchess of Bedford’s walk
W8 7QT
Description Mustardseed Trust enables an economy of care which is build on partnerships and regeneration. In a care economy, we are able to care for oneself, the community and for the ecosystem in a balanced way. In a care economy we have seen a shift from growth, debt-based, entropic economic systems managed by large, centralised institutions, to a regenerative network of decentralised, transparent, and mutually sustaining economies in services of humanity to live in dignity. The care economy supports markets that fully respect and account for ecosystem function. It also mutually respects and accounts for all types of labour and caring activities. Approach
Mustardseed Trust encourages a transition from access to capital for the few to access to essential capital for all. It transforms closed systems of knowledge to transparent systems of shared knowledge and wisdom, offering the healthiest, most sustainable option for the planet and for society.