Martin Currie

Saltire Court
20 Castle Terrace

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David Sheasby
Head of Stewardship
DescriptionMartin Currie is an active equity specialist firm driven by our purpose – Investing to Improve Lives™ – and focused on managing assets through a range of investment solutions specifically designed to meet our clients’ needs. Whether this is matching return objectives, risk tolerance, liability profiles or income requirements, our differentiated suite of risk-adjusted solutions are underpinned by the benefits of active management and industry-leading Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis. Martin Currie offers both growth and income solutions within a suite of differentiated, high-conviction active equity strategies, each defined by their own investment style, process and risk framework. As at 30 June 2021 Martin Currie has US$22.5 billion under management and advice.ApproachWe integrate ESG as part of our ongoing commitment to effective stewardship of capital. ESG analysis is embedded at every stage of our investment process, through corporate engagement, and in the responsible management of our own business. Ultimately, we believe that ESG factors create risks and opportunities for investors and it is important to consider these when making an investment in a company, and for the companies themselves to manage these appropriately. ESG factors underlie the growing pressures faced by all companies from their key stakeholders. Regulators, customers, suppliers, investors, local communities, employees, and environmental groups all present companies with challenges that ultimately have to be addressed by management. Those that fail to address the needs of key stakeholders, by managing these challenges effectively, may face substantial reputational and financial damage. Integrating ESG analysis provides us valuable insight into the quality of management at the companies we invest in. It helps identify good management teams, understand their motivation, and determine whether their strategies and interests are aligned with minority investors. Analysis is conducted by those who know the companies best - the portfolio managers. They focus on and engage with businesses that demonstrate awareness of material issues and commitment to sustainability best practice.