Keystone Impact Investments Limited

41 Lothbury,
City of London

Contact Person

Leigh Hyldon
Founder and Director
DescriptionResponsible Investments for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Keystone Impact (Ki) is a new Sustainable Investment Group created with a resolution to reshape capital to focus upon social and environmental impact.We believe that financial services are fundamental in tackling the global social and environmental crisis we face today. Our mission is to demonstrate how capital can be used to address the most critical environmental and social problems, generating positive outcomes for people and the planet without compromising the economic return. •To channel responsible capital in a sustainable way •By Inspiring investors to use their capital for the good •To help grow business that are changing the world for the better We aim to infuse sustainability into our culture so it resonates through every process that we create for our customers, clients, employees, and investors. These sustainable priorities are an integral part of our operation, creating value, forcing change, and maximising impact.