JEM Financial Planning Ltd

3 Tythe Road
WR12 7EJ
DescriptionWith offices located in Broadway, Draycott, Stourbridge, Chipping Campden, Worcester, Stratford upon Avon, Gloucester and Kenilworth we are perfectly located to offer financial advice to all of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. Investing ethically doesn’t mean sacrificing performance anymore – there are plenty of ways to achieve both aims in your portfolio. Our mission is to provide a clear, professional and personal service which is essential in today’s ever-changing and often confusing world of Financial Services and products. We are both fiercely independent and ‘whole of market’ - we have no direct ties to any investment house or product provider. This means that we can make the best possible recommendation to you without any outside influences.ApproachSustainable and responsible investing is now very much part of the mainstream investment industry in the UK. Whether you simply want to avoid investing in so-called “sin stocks” (gambling, armaments, alcohol, tobacco etc) via negative screening, or you want your money to actively work for you to “do some good” via positive screening, JEM Financial can guide you through the different strategies to achieve the right balance between growing your wealth and helping to save the planet. Following the Paris Climate Accords, the ESG (environmental, social & governance) themes that now underpin investments have developed into complicated and nuanced conversations. Sometimes this involves engagement and stewardship via shareholder lobbying (“making your money talk”), funding transition strategies that move historically carbon intense industries towards greener policies, or global impact investing that supports new and innovative companies to develop products and services that help save the Earth. At JEM Financial we not only listen to your responsible investment aims, but we also ensure we have the ear of the ESG investment product providers. We (and by default, you) are therefore part of the thought leadership driving ethical investment in the UK. Be responsible AND profitable. Your money votes – don’t waste your vote!