13 Saville Street West
North Shields,
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Contact Person

Richard Adams
Executive Chair
DescriptionInvestAge is an action and investment co-operative that helps improve the lives of older people of today - and tomorrow. InvestAge uses the pooled resources of its investor members to provide supportive lending to organisations that focus on one of the biggest social issues of our time - how to ensure that older people live healthier, more independent lives, for longer. InvestAge encourages the participation of its members in identifying projects for support, forming special interest groups and campaigning for later-life actions.ApproachInvestAge is independent, democratic and co-operative. We believe in shared investment, shared values, shared skills, shared outcomes and a sustainable future. We will work strategically with partner organisations that share our aims and values to ensure our objectives are met efficiently and effectively. Categories for investment include: • Later-life education, voluntary and job programmes – for example supporting a skills and services exchange programme. • Later-life community/social care programmes – for example combining voluntary and professional care services in self-help or co-operative models. • Adapted housing/living spaces for older people – there already exist many examples ranging from dementia support units through extra care living accommodation or adaptable homes, but the unmet need is considerable. • Technology-enabled solutions for older people –for example different forms of in-home interactive monitoring and support or helping extend to care organisations improved care service support systems and better technology. • Infrastructure projects to maintain connections between older people and the wider community – ranging through mixed student and older-persons’ accommodation that encourage inter-generational interaction to affordable retirement villages or intergenerational housing schemes. • Business development for new and innovative age-related start-up companies.