Impact Advisers Capital LLC

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Nils Johnson
DescriptionImpact Advisers Capital LLC is an independently owned capital placement and advisory firm dedicated to introducing intentional, measurable and profitable impact investing opportunities to institutional investors. We work exclusively with institutional investors such as pension plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments, and charities. Our mission is to encourage decision-makers overseeing institutional investment portfolios to move beyond ESG to allocate a meaningful percentage of their capital into risk-adjusted, market rate return impact investments.ApproachImpact Advisers Capital LLC can help both asset owners and managers move towards more purposeful impact investing. We do this by representing funds offering attractive risk-adjusted returns that also address global environmental or social challenges. We undertake capital raising engagements from Private Equity General Partners and seek out Limited Partners in Europe, the UK and the US to invest in the strategies we represent. We also undertake consulting and advisory work to support this new investment approach. We accept advisory retainers and consulting project assignments to both inform and support clients on their path towards impact.