iFunds Asset Management

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Description Established in 2001, iFunds specialises in running risk-managed investment strategies, utilising passive funds together with exchange traded funds and combining these with a statistical based approach to active asset allocation. Using passive investment products and allocating to them using a combination of active and passive investment management, provides a low cost and risk managed investment solution without the associated costs of an actively managed portfolio and without exposing clients to maximum market risk. Clients include funds, pension funds and private investors. Approach It is difficult to find a ‘perfect solution’ to investing in a sustainable way, as investors have a wide range of opinions about what should and shouldn’t be included in a portfolio and why. At iFunds we take a pragmatic approach, using funds based on SRI screened indexes. Typically, this approach to investing covers companies that try to promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights and diversity, whilst looking to restrict or exclude companies involved in tobacco, alcohol, gambling, pornography and munitions. It also considers things such as the effects of the products that are produced, waste management, the way companies treat their employees, their tax transparency, business ethics and how they finance their activities. The creators of these indexes publish their rules and methodology for the inclusion/exclusion of companies and, as such, are completely transparent. Investors are able to look at the rules and resultant holdings and make up their own mind about whether the resulting portfolios meet their expectations or not.