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150 Cheapside
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Clive Selman
Head of UK Distribution - Wholesale
DescriptionOur mission is to help beneficiaries retire better. To achieve this, we aim to be the world's leading provider of superior long-term holistic returns for savers, thus creating value for all stakeholders in the financial system. Our specialist, high conviction investment teams manage assets across equities, credit, infrastructure, private equity, private debt and real estate. Critically, we have one of the world’s largest stewardship resources of any fund manager in the world. Launched 15 years ago, EOS at Federated Hermes provides a platform for like-minded investors to pool resources, creating a powerful force for positive change.ApproachWe believe that ESG considerations are a fundamental component of investment. We believe that in order to deliver sustainable, risk-adjusted out-performance to our clients over the long term, responsibility is integral, and therefore lies at the heart of our approach. ESG considerations are a fundamental component of our investment decisions, and we integrate them into our decision-making processes across all of our strategies. We have been doing so since our establishment in 1983 and consider ourselves a pioneer in this space. We are therefore committed to delivering superior risk-adjusted investment returns to our clients. In addition to our financial targets, we understand that the way we achieve our investment objectives will have wider societal impacts. As such, we seek to provide both for a better financial future for our ultimate stakeholders, as well as for a better, more sustainable, society. The pursuit of “outcomes beyond performance” drives the execution of all of our strategies.