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Jonathan Waghorn
Portfolio Manager
DescriptionGuinness Asset Management is an independent, 100% employee-owned, London-based fund management company. Founded in 2003, we provide a range of long-only, actively managed funds to individual and institutional investors, and specialise in global, regional, and thematic equity strategies. Our funds are managed on an unconstrained, concentrated, low-turnover basis with a high level of conviction. Our ownership structure ensures our company’s interests remain firmly aligned with those of our investors. Alongside our public markets experience, we offer an EIS service investing in private companies across a range of sectors and an AIM EIS investing in AIM-listed companies. As at 30th November 2020, Guinness Asset Management has – in combination with our US sister-company, Guinness Atkinson Asset Management – $3.54 billion of group AuM.ApproachSince inception, the investment philosophy of Guinness Asset Management has been to add value through the active management of long-only funds. Fundamental data and rigorous research have always been the cornerstones of our investment process, including consideration of environmental, social and governance factors. Our consideration of these issues has evolved over time as more relevant data has become available. As part of this evolution, Guinness Asset Management became a signatory to the UN PRI in 2019. Across our range of funds, a key focus is the search for good quality investments at attractive valuations in order to generate sustainable returns. We believe that incorporation of ESG metrics enables us to enhance rather than fundamentally alter this process. Material ESG risks could well lead to an impairment of capital and reduce the sustainability of return on capital. There may also be upside to a company’s valuation is management takes steps to mitigate ESG risks to enhance its sustainability.