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Bective House
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Greater London
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Ian Green
IFA / Director
0800 170 7400
Description It's important to have the right money, in the right place, at the right time. We start with your personal lifetime planning – ‘THE WHY?’ Why are you undertaking this work with us? What is your purpose? Next the financial report and the plan – ‘THE WHAT?’ What needs to happen with what you already have in place and does anything else need to be done to ensure you reach your goals? Finally, the financial advice – ‘THE WHERE?’ Where should your money be invested and what needs to happen over time with it AND your financial plan to ensure you end up where you want to be? Whether savings, investments, retirement or estate planning, Green Financial have the expertise to help you ‘SIMPLIFY YOUR FINANCES’ Approach Ethical investing starts with your ideas and principles – what you believe to be important. Views vary from person to person, as do the approaches of most 'ethical' funds Whether ISAs, investments or pensions Green and Ethical investing aims to allow you to make money and make a difference. At Green Financial we like to do our bit. But it doesn't mean we are fanatics. Our view, both at home and at work, with regard to 'being green', is we do what we can, where we can. While Green Financial do not have any additional costs for ‘green’ advice, just like buying fairtrade goods or organic food, Green and Ethical funds themselves do often cost a little more. We offer a range of simpler, ready made Green Financial 'green portfolios'. These do what they can, where they can, so you have the benefit of our expertise, experience, approach and asset allocation models with the peace of mind that where your money can be doing good, it will be.