Fidelity International

4 Cannon Street,
Greater London
Description Fidelity pursues an active investment style through portfolio management decisions, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the management of investee or potential investee companies and voting on resolutions at general meetings. Our primary objective is to deliver investment performance to our clients by seeking a long term understanding of all aspects of the companies in which we invest. The intensive analysis which accompanies an initial investment continues throughout and beyond the life of the investment itself. We offer products across all asset classes. Approach Fidelity believes that high standards of corporate responsibility will generally make good business sense and have the potential to protect and enhance investment returns. The investment process undertaken by our research analysts takes ESG issues into account when, in our view, these have a material impact on either investment risk or return. We seek to gain an understanding of the relevant ESG issues applicable to our investments through our internal research process and to identify those issues which may potentially threaten the value of our investment. Our ESG integrated approach is applied across all asset classes, sectors and markets in which we invest.