Ethical Investment Co-operative ltd, The

1 Aske Stables
North Yorkshire
DL10 5HG
Description We aim to provide a financial planning service which not only takes the financial objectives into consideration but also the individuals concerns in relation to their environmental, social and ethical criteria. We offer a range of solutions within the investment and pension areas of planning including bespoke as well as risk-based ethical model solutions. Within the remit, the objective planning is designed to ensure we capture what is important to the client and marry up the financial planning in line with the individuals inclusion and exclusion criteria. This is driven through the whole planning process from start to finish. Approach We are keen to ensure whatever a clients concerns are, these are mirrored within the investment selection and therefore we encourage the clients to complete an ethical profile to ensure we have an understanding of what matters. Our processes include using this criteria to research the options most suitable to the client. The process includes using a document to help the client focus on the key positive and negative criteria including engagement, they are always encouraged to provide additional information where necessary to expand on these areas. We have direct contact with the fund managers and discretionary managers to ensure we have a good understanding of their approach and investment objectives, this also interacts with our software to allow us to initially earmark funds and services which may be appropriate. With our history we have a wealth of experience of how to interpret where clients convictions lie and are able to provide a solution based programme to accommodate their requirements. We are realistic in the assessments and are clear with regard to the risks.