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Matthew Ayres
Operations Director
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DescriptionEthical Screening undertakes research and analysis into non-financial aspects of corporate activity that concern socially, environmentally and ethically motivated investors. Our mission is to empower investors with accurate, reliable and trusted information on which to base sustainable investment decisions. We provide information and guidance directly to individuals and charities to enable them to manage their money according to their principles; and to investment managers and financial advisors to enable them to provide the same services to their own clients. We also provide screening services to managers of retail ethical investment funds. Our research and consultancy also have applications in investment policy development, due-diligence, compliance and brand/sponsor screening.ApproachCorporate environmental, social and governance performance is becoming increasingly important to investors and has been linked to companies' long-term success. Managing the non-financial risks linked with certain business practices plays a key role in progressive, forward-looking investment strategies. Since 1998 we have been giving critical insights into organisations that traditional financial metrics cannot provide. We help responsible investors align their investment strategies and principles through our client-focused research and analysis. We enable investors to identify companies: - whose practices align with their personal values and beliefs - whose vision or products are at odds with their principles - that are pro-actively creating positive social or environmental change - that are addressing risk through good management or future-focused business practices. Our detailed research delivers the capability to combine negative and positive screening approaches, ESG and explanatory qualitative data in order to give investors the full picture on what is truly sustainable. We screen to buy-lists, not indexes, ensuring our clients receive the comprehensive, timely and material information they need, without paying for a mass of information they don't need. Contact us to discuss our bespoke services in depth