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Julian Parrott
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DescriptionWe are an independent, Edinburgh based firm, dedicated to providing ethical financial planning and advice to private clients, small employers, trusts and charities. In our world of financial advice, our experience has convinced us that there’s a better way of helping people plan for their futures - by connecting their money to their values. Ethical Futures was established in 2005 with the aim of offering an ethical financial planning service. Our team have extensive experience in ethical financial planning and advice. Our aim is to help you make your money change your world.ApproachAt Ethical Futures we only do ethical investments. By that we mean, that when making investment recommendations, we will only consider investments and funds that adhere to some form of ethical, values led or principles based approach to selection of underlying investments. We are not moral arbiters – we don’t decide what’s right or wrong - but we do believe that our clients’ money has the power of change the world and we are keen to harness it. So, that means that we have decided that we will not recommend a mainstream investment portfolio. There may well be some grey areas – but we work with our clients to agree what’s acceptable and what’s not. We are long standing members of UKSIF and actively engage in the ethical, sustainable and responsible investment sector to help develop the market and share our client’s views. Ethical investments come in a variety of types and styles. Mainly we focus on collective investment funds, but we also use discretionary management services, as well as deposit accounts, pensions and other more specialist structures, such as SITR & EIS.