ESG Accord Ltd

Contact Person

Lee Coates OBE (CoFounder) / Elly Dowding (CoFounder/Director) 07894983040,
Description ESG & Sustainable compliance/advice framework & consultancy. By raising transparency & market participation we help deliver best practice outcomes across the full ESG & Sustainable spectrum. We provide; *Innovative ESG and Sustainable Finance compliance framework & consultancy services for Advice Firms, Networks, Nationals and Family Offices *Independent industry reports: ‘deep-dive’ ESG & Sustainable MPS Report, from end of Q1 2022 *Consultancy services, training & proposition development for Fund Groups & DFMs Approach
Our aim is to make our expertise readily available to all Advice Firms and industry participants. We are expanding our Consultancy Services to Family Offices, Networks and National firms. Our processes raise PROD market participation as a dialogue conduit between manufacturer & distributor. Both parties will meet their PROD requirements more fully. These actions support our ethos for increased transparency & trust. Ultimately ESG Accord enables firms to support mobilising private finance for global good and positive change; we believe this produces good outcomes for people, planet and the global economy.