Equitix Investment Management Ltd

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Laura Newland
Communications Manager
0207 250 7333
DescriptionEquitix is a long-term investor, developer and fund manager of core infrastructure assets in the UK and Europe. We seek to invest in projects with strong earning prospects, and whose impact on society and the environment aligns with our core sustainability values. These principles include a focus on energy consumption and waste generation, as well as our impact on carbon emissions and climate change. They also address our relationships with people and institutions in the communities our assets serve, including the practices, controls, and procedures we employ in order to make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of our external stakeholders.Approach
Equitix invests in assets that provide essential or critical services to society. These investments provide stable, inflation-linked cash flows, backed by contracted revenues with strong counter-parties. Project revenues are usually underpinned by availability-based payments made by central and local government bodies, or regulated entities with similar credit quality. There is therefore minimal default risk, with costs locked in for the life of the concession. Equitix aims to ensure that asset cash flows are partially of fully linked to inflation, meaning investment returns have a direct correlation. Given the different structures and features of these assets, our approach to sustainability varies from one investment to another, however typical concerns that Equitix identifies include a bearing on local biodiversity, environmental impact, community concerns, board composition and shareholder rights. Governance arrangements on an asset board are key to our considerations and Equitix ensures that it has at least one - if not two - seat on the board of each asset in order to protect the long-term interests of our investors. This approach, coupled with our large team and active asset management approach, has enabled Equitix to out-perform its peers and the asset class overall.