Development Vectors ltd

Caledonia House
89 Seaward Street
G41 1HJ
Description Development Vectors is a multi-discipline multi-sector consulting and advisory company on a mission to help our clients accelerate the transition from ideas to concrete results through efficient assessment and execution of Alternative Direct Investments. Our clients include institutional and family office investors, entrepreneurs, and private individuals for whom we aim to achieve sustainable investment growth and the best financial outcomes consistent with the imperative of making a positive environmental, social and economic impact. Risk management, high yields and sustainability constitute the foundations and guiding principles in our efforts and advisory services in meeting the ESG imperative. We are active in 4 sectors Renewable Energy, Property and Private Equity and inflation linked Fixed Income Direct Investments with market exposure upside. Approach While weighing risks and returns tends to be an investor’s primary decision making benchmarks, we believe that sustainable investment has to be earned. We take a holistic approach to Alternative Investment opportunities based on bringing together investors, developers, operators and other stakeholders for optimised performance and sustainable financial outcomes guided by ESG imperatives through the following steps: 1. The key starting point of our engagement is understanding the perspective, expectations and requirements of our clients and asset owners. 2. This leads us to focusing on the selection, appraisal and validation of sound Investment opportunities, their financial return, environmental impact, social benefits, economic significance and governance effectiveness and integrity. 3. We apply a systematic review and analysis aided by proprietary expert systems and best practice honed by several years of sector specific experience. 4. In addition to regular financial performance, market exposure upside, and untapped strategic potential, ESG risks are clearly identified and monitored throughout the investment lifecycle, and constitute important metrics for our periodic client reporting commitment. 5. We have worked for specialised economic development organisations of the UN for many years and apply the same UN supported aspirational Principles for Responsible Investment to private sector Alternative Investment opportunities.