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Danny Meehan
Head of Workplace Savings
DescriptionCushon is a fintech using its world-leading financial technology to engage savers and empower them to build a better financial future. Cushon offers pension and savings products via an intuitive mobile app that provides a highly personalised experience and environmentally friendly investments, making it easy for customers to manage their money and invest in a way that aligns with their personal goals and beliefs. Cushon currently has over 200,000 customers with £840m of assets under management. Its corporate clients include 250 well known blue-chip companies including many of the FTSE 100, plus over 7,500 smaller employers across the UK.ApproachThe Cushon Sustainable Growth Strategy is the Cushon default fund constructed from a custom equity index portfolio, an impact bond portfolio and the largest private markets allocation in the UK Master Trust sector. It has the core aims of delivering market leading risk adjusted investment returns, helping support market leading levels of member engagement, and consequently delivering superior member outcomes. Its design assumes that climate transition creates both investment risks and investment opportunities and so it aims to protect members from climate related risks whilst at the same time exposing them to the opportunities it presents. The default fund is net zero through reduced emissions financed by the underlying funds and carbon offsets. Our new investments strategy sees a further reduction in carbon emissions from the portfolio and as such a reduction in the need for purchasing carbon offsets. It’s the next stage on the journey to net zero without relying on carbon offsets.