Climate & Energy Associates

The Bloomsbury Building
10 Bloomsbury Way
Description Climate & Energy Associates is a boutique advisory business run by its Managing Director. A long-time British diplomat, Richard has worked on climate and energy policy for nearly two decades. Apart from heading international energy policy for the UK Government, Richard was JPMorgan's European Climate Change and Energy Adviser for several years - working with the sustainable finance team, the investment bank and the commodities group. He also worked with institutional investors for the advisory firm, Sustineri. Through Climate & Energy Associates, Richard provides advice on strategy and advocacy to a range of organisations (including NGOs) and corporates. He is the Senior Policy & Government Affairs Adviser for Carbon Tracker Initiative; and Strategic Advisor to Critical Resource, the ERM-owned consultancy which works with energy and mining firms. Approach My approach, chiming with my business's overall mission, is that the growth of sustainable finance is a major development which can have a major impact internationally on how we tackle climate change and sustainability. My starting point is that, in covering sustainable finance, it is important to take into account continuing investment approaches regarding oil, gas and coal; as well supporting low-carbon, green finance and investment. My work - while it encompasses the other major trends such as technology and geo-politics - on sustainable finance focuses on policy and regulation in particular - whether it is climate/energy or financial regulation. I cover European, UK and international developments and trends.