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Catherine Hughes
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DescriptionWe are a family of investment and advisory businesses at the forefront of growing the market for responsible and sustainable investing. Adopting a unique approach to looking after money, reflecting the individual objectives of all kind of clients, we work closely with them to define what they believe 'ethical' or 'responsible investment means, before interpreting the results in practical ways, never ignoring the need for real-world financial outcome. We are committed to achieving sustainable growth through independence and innovation, respect, responsibility and personal service. As an employee-owned business, everything we do reflects not only the values we share as co-owners of our own business, but the principles that are important to our clients too - an approach we call 'thoughtful investing'.ApproachWe have developed our own holistic approach to investment, based not just on traditional financial criteria, but on a range of other critical success factors too. B: Business and Financial considerations, E: Environmental and Ecological considerations, S: Social considerations, T: Transparency. Are any claims or aims observable and/or measurable? By using our B.E.S.T approach we never lose sight of the need to produce sound financial returns. Successful long-term investment is about balancing available return with risk. Responsible investment is the best way of achieving this.