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János Hidi
Sustainable Investment
Description Our mission is to provide clear and useful insights, based on rigorous and independent economic analysis, to address the complex challenges facing society. As economies become increasingly integrated and complex, insights based on robust, empirical analysis become ever more important. We take economic data and make it meaningful. Our bespoke models highlight trends and estimate impacts based on real-world outcomes, rather than unrealistic theories. Thanks to our emphasis on hard evidence, we can advise you with clarity and confidence. Approach What you choose to invest in matters in a world of net zero commitments, new technology and increasingly frequent and severe natural disasters. Using our world class climate scenario analysis, we can give you the confidence you need to find the right path to a more sustainable future. We use a model of the global economy to quantify exposure to climate-related risk. Developed over 20 years ago E3ME was designed by Cambridge Econometrics specifically for this type of analysis and is continually updated and refined. The analysis provides the key economic indicators that you need to develop ‘climate risk-aware’, sustainable investment portfolios.