Aeon Investments

58 Davies Street

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Ben Churchill
Chief Operating Officer
DescriptionAeon was founded by likeminded professionals and combines a wealth of experience in identifying value across the credit spectrum. Aeon is dedicated to addressing the challenge of generating superior risk adjusted returns in the low yield environment. Aeon originates and structures long-term, income focused investments, for its stakeholders, families, foundations, institutions, and sovereigns. Aeon’s focus is on global structured credit in segments that offer relative value and superior risk adjusted returns, specifically within the real estate, infrastructure, transportation, and private debt sectors. Aeon navigates the market cycle across multiple asset classes to generate value through tailored investment solutions to give our investors exposure to key economic sectors.ApproachAs a company focused on the long term, the aim is to construct investments which take into account the environmental and social impact of our portfolios. The investment strategy reflects confidence in a sustainable future and a determination to make a positive contribution. The commitment to incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions helps uncover risks and opportunities that could impact collateral, structure, and portfolio performance and also gives insights into further risk management layers, building in an enhanced level of scrutiny on all investments. As a responsible institution, the inherent duty is to act in the best long-term interests of our stakeholders and ESG issues should be factored in when evaluating the performance of any investment portfolio. Aeon is committed to: • independently measure the environmental and social impact of any investment. • to include sustainability criteria when selecting partners to include in transactions. • include climate risk disclosures associated with portfolios, in line with Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. Policies are overseen by an ESG committee. The committee is comprised of senior management, and members of the Board, Advisory Board and Investor Relations team. The committee meets regularly to review policies and processes, monitor progress towards goals, and deliberate on how these practices can be improved and implemented more effectively.