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Delyth Richards
Head of Product Strategy
DescriptionKleinwort Hambros has experience in helping individuals, families, entrepreneurs, charities and their advisers to manage their financial assets. We know how to simplify life’s financial challenges, and offer a wide range of services through an holistic approach based on trust, service and expert knowledge. Driven by shared values of team spirit, commitment, responsibility and innovation, our teams are focused on delivering a truly personal service. All our staff, regardless of their role, help create better, deeper, more personal relationships with our clients, while offering them a greater level of service and opportunity. Kleinwort Hambros enjoys the benefits of being part of Societe Generale with valuable access to the resources and services of one of the world’s leading financial groups.ApproachResponsible investing is perhaps the most significant movement in the investment industry for a generation, yet the lack of a single, clear definition risks undermining its importance. For investors who want to harness the power of their capital to effect positive change, the vast array of definitions can be confusing, if not discouraging. For example, opting to invest according to the principles of ‘ethical investing’ overlooks the benefits of ‘sustainable investing’. Similarly, ‘ESG investing’ misses out on the rewards of ‘impact investing’. At Kleinwort Hambros, we look to blend all of these approaches to responsibility. Further to our core strategies, which integrate ethical investing criteria, we offer a dedicated Responsible Investing proposition which incorporates the merits of ethical, ESG, sustainable, and impact investing. From the exclusion of sin stocks to the direct influence of impact funds, we have adopted techniques spanning the spectrum of responsibility to craft a unique holistic offering solely for our clients. We recognise that responsible investing is an imperfect practice, ever-evolving and complex. However, we are committed to leading the evolution and challenging the industry’s perception of responsibility.