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Greenbank specialises in creating bespoke ethical and sustainable portfolios for high net worth private clients, trusts and charities. Our aim is to help clients achieve their aims, generating the financial returns that they need without compromising their values. We do not restrict clients to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, but instead tailor portfolios to meet both their financial aims and their ethical, ESG or sustainability requirements. In doing this, we are committed to bringing about positive change in business practice through sustainable investment and engagement – not just because we feel that this is the responsible approach but because we believe it is also sound financially.


We believe that companies which are integrating sustainability considerations into their business models and are responding to sustainable development trends are likely to be attractive long-term investments. We aim to identify companies that are not only avoiding harm, but also delivering benefits for people and the planet. Greenbank’s in-house ethical and sustainable research team plays a key role in supporting the provision of this service, ensuring environmental, social and ethical issues are fully integrated into our approach. This team also screens companies prior to investment to ensure compliance with our clients’ individual personal values. Our analysis considers both positive and negative aspects and goes beyond an assessment of what a company does to also considering how it operates. We also apply a sustainability overlay to identify companies providing solutions to major sustainability challenges. A key function in acting as investment managers for ethical clients is to promote responsible shareholder activism, helping to address issues of concern or encouraging positive change. Our engagement and stewardship activities also play an important role in the positive impact of an investment portfolio as a whole. Our team has been actively engaging with companies on ESG issues since 2004.