Conscious Money

Spaces, 14th Floor
25 Cabot Square
Canary Wharf
E14 4QA

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Cleona Lira
Independent Financial Adviser
020 8123 0870
DescriptionI help guide you to connect your money to your life; assisting you with financial objectives that facilitate your life goals. These priorities often include values like freedom, financial integrity, simplicity and security. For those that may want it, I offer resources around shifting unhelpful stories and identities around money. Most of us have irrational beliefs around money and have acquired unhelpful conditioning - the ‘Conscious Money’ activism work is focused on shifting these to enable greater inner freedom, clarity and choice. Clients include working professionals that want to delegate their investment management, retired and semi-retired individuals who want to enjoy financial freedom living with passive investment income or who want help with pension drawdown. A generous percentage of my clients are women who enjoy the connection & working with a woman financial adviser.ApproachSustainable portfolios that include funds with positive and negative screening criteria from, impact focus and thematic funds. I try to make the financial planning process as engaging and pain-free as possible. My preference is to offer online meetings using Zoom which is easiest to use (other ways are also possible); the process of financial advice works well online and also means meetings are easier to schedule. Meetings are also possible in London zone 1 or South East London.