SRI Services
Description SRI Services exists to help change the way people invest by growing retail sustainable and responsible investment (SRI). We are involved in three main areas: the provision of information, consultancy and drum banging. Our main work centres around our free to use, financial adviser friendly, fund database tool Fund EcoMarket’s main purpose is to help users match client aims to fund options and provide the necessary audit trail. The site is fund manager supported, it lists and classifies all relevant (SRI / ESG regulated, retail, onshore) funds - displaying detailed information provided by fund managers. Julia has worked full time in sustainable investment since 1996, having first become involved in 1991. She chaired the UKSIF retail subcommittee 2002 – 09 and recently returned to UKSIF as a board member. Approach
Our approach is simple. If we are to address environmental and social issues we need to invest differently - and if this is going to happen - with the necessary urgency - everyone in the investment supply chain has a role to play. SRI Services' part in this is to help retail investment intermediaries understand the many different ways fund managers can bring sustainable, responsible and ethical issues into fund strategies so that they can be matched individual client aims. Our free to use, online, fund database tool Fund EcoMarket presents information from across the regulated, retail, onshore fund market as we receive it from fund managers - although the 'SRI Styles' classifications (launched in 2010) are our own. Our other work is around supporting those in this supply chain including; advisers (and networks/service providers), platforms, professional bodies, industry associations, policy makers and the media. We also run an annual event during 'Good Money Week' where we bring all of these groups together to learn from one another.